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My Approach

The goal of Inner Sanctum is to help others streamline their living space to promote strong mental health.


Specializing in apartments and small homes, I teach the principles of organization, minimalism, and sustainability to those who need to refresh their homes and minds. I also teach urban naturalism to those who wish to bring the joy of nature into their daily home lives.

I put my degree in psychology to use   as clients realize the deep connections between mental health and their immediate surroundings.

I strive to be accessible to anyone from any financial background and

will work with you to stay within your budget.


I always work to repurpose or re-channel excess home goods into the proper avenues so materials can be utilized and recycled locally with integrity.

Modern Dining Room

My Background

Hello, I'm Mary!


Throughout my life I have worked professionally in many different fields, with the constant goal of cultivating a work-life balance which doesn't create or contribute to depression. For me, maintaining strong mental health is the key for my success in any endeavor.

Partly because of this, I decided to study psychology in college to hone my understanding of social psychology and IO (industrial-organizational) psychology. After completing my Bachelor of Science in psychology and women's and gender studies in New York and working in autism research, I decided it was time to make a change and moved out to Colorado.

Since moving, I have worked as a  gourmet chocolatier, a professional in the field of geology/gemology, a specialist of natural cosmetics and herbalism, and have managed a multi-million dollar downtown Boulder business, seeing them successfully through an international pandemic, both online and in-person. Through all of these professional changes and challenges, I constantly sought to find a way to clarify my mind and get motivated during my time off at home. 


This brought me back to my psychology roots, and I began privately learning from the masters of the interior overhaul:

Tracy Metro (home staging), Robert Irvine (motivation psychology), The Minimalists (minimalism), Alan Chong (feng shui research), Emily Henderson (interior design), Marie Kondo (organizer),

Lucy Windham-Read (fitness & personal trainer), Ruth Stout (master gardener & sustainability expert), Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman (birding experts), Monty Don (small space garden master), and many more favorites. Compiling all of this knowledge created the space where I live now, which truly feels like my sanctuary every time I come home.

When the 2020 pandemic hit, I saw a desperate increase in the need for mental health experts in my community. Even though I hadn't opened an official therapy practice yet, I realized that I still could help to fill that need with all of the research and work I had been doing on my own for years.

Inner Sanctum was born.


I chose the name "Inner Sanctum" as it encompasses the desire to bring peace and order to both the mind and the home, where one can either take control or succumb to chaos. If you feel like the latter is beginning to happen, please contact me!

I'd love to help. 

- Mary

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