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Refresh and Revitalize Your Home and Mind


Why Organize?

The Mission of Inner Sanctum

After going through the experience of 2020, we have all become very attuned to the feeling of being inside our own homes.

The state of the home affects the state of the mind significantly. Our eyes are scanning our environment constantly and sending that feedback to our brain for processing. When a person is overwhelmed by their everyday surroundings it can rapidly foster the development of depression, anxiety, panic, or hopelessness.


When the home becomes a place of simplified refuge, the mind finally has time and space to relax and rest. This mental experience can be more potent than many pharmaceuticals in relieving anxiety and depression and has a deep effect on people of every age.


I have spent years discovering methods and secrets to create streamlined functionality in my own home with the goal of minimizing my stress level. After seeing the difficulties many people had spending lengths of time within their own homes, I realized that I have all the tools to spread this mission of relief to my community. If you would like to learn how to cultivate a positive environment within your own home,  please do not hesitate to contact me for a collaboration. Together we can make this happen.


Organized Kitchen

The Minimalist



This experience was so transformational for me.  My own space has always been messy and chaotic, and over time that kind of living environment is taxing on your mental health and self-worth. 


It can be scary to let a stranger in your home for a job like this, especially because much of my accumulated mess is sentimental in some way, but I felt safe and comfortable as soon as she walked in the door.  Mary was kind, gentle, and firm when she needed to be.  We accomplished so much more than I imagined in the four hours we worked together, and I learned some awesome sustainable swaps for cleaning supplies and more! 


I had a great time sorting through things and talking about memories or stories connected to each piece, and she was so supportive and interested in my story and my journey.  My home and the state of it was weighing so heavily on me and I didn’t even know until she left and I turned around to take in my clean space—I felt lighter and happier than I have the entire time I’ve lived in this apartment. 


My studio is very small, so every extraneous piece of junk adds up quickly, and frankly I wasn’t sure how we’d be able to organize all of the things I have, but Mary made it not just possible but easy and fun!  She set me up perfectly for my upcoming move, with things that I don’t use every day packed neatly and labeled so all I have to do is load up a UHaul and be on my way.


I would recommend Mary’s services to anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed by the task before them, whether it’s preparing for a move or some spring cleaning; she is encouraging, efficient, and a joy to work with.  It’s hard to sum up how big of an impact she had on my life, but suffice it to say: hire her today!!

- DANNI B., Denver


(315) 663-4917    |

Boulder, Colorado

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